Loretta’s Birthday – A Rose Cake

BeFunky_Cake Collage 2

It’s my Mother-In-Law ‘s birthday.  I volunteered to make the cake.  When I think of my MIL I think of roses.  She grows beautiful roses and has a bright personality.  So I Googled “rose cake” to get ideas.  I found this lovely rose cake where the icing was dyed with beet juice.  That sounded like so much fun I had to try it.

I enlisted the help of my mom and daughter.  My mom is the owner of the piping supplies and my daughter likes to decorate cakes.  I used this cake and buttercream icing recipe.  I baked the cake using these cool cake pans that I found at Drug Emporium.  The cakes didn’t stick at all.  We made two batches of the icing.  We could have made one and a half.  We had some leftover.  My mom put it in the freezer for future cupcakes.  She’s good like that.

Can I just tell you it takes a lot more beet juice than you would think to dye the icing?  We started out with an eye dropper and soon moved on to a tablespoon.  The darkest color has at least 6 tablespoons of beet juice.  We just kept adding until we liked the color.  We didn’t tell the partakers it was dyed with beet juice until after they tasted it.  :-)